Youth Strength, Speed and Conditioning Development


Next level strength and conditioning for athletes. The Yard Peoria and Iron Athlete Performance have

teamed up in this joint venture to provide a top notch program to area athletes.


To get your athlete signed up, contact:

Youth Strength, Speed and Conditioning Development



Male and Female athletes going into 6th, 7th or 8th grade. Programs are designed around increasing skills for all sports



-Beginning the week of June 11th runs through the last week of July (8 weeks)

By signing up you can attend 2 sessions max per week – you can choose which 2 days to attend each week.

Monday and Wednesday at 6 PM

Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM



(Due upon sign up)

$140 for Yard Members  -  $160 for Non-members


What the program entails


1. Teaching proper lifting technique

Athletes will be taught proper form of movements that will increase athleticism. These movements are the same ones used by nearly all high school training programs as well. By learning these movements before going into high school athletes will have a leg up and will stand out.


2. Injury Prevention

Athletes will be taught proper warmup and stretching techniques to help prevent injuries during sports. Athletes will perform exercises that will increase mobility and range of motion and in turn will assist in preventing injury while practicing or competing.


3. Explosiveness

Athletes will perform exercises to build up the fast twitch muscle fibers necessary to have a quicker first step, change of speed, and change of direction. Athletes will perform exercises with bands to increase explosive power.


4. Speed

Athletes will be taught proper running technique. Athletes will perform exercises and drills to perfect running technique over short and long distances.


5. Agility

Athletes will perform drills increase foot speed and body awareness.


6. Endurance

-Athletes will take part in drills and exercises to increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance.


7. Mindset

-Athletes will be taught methods of visualization, breathing and positive mindset to give them not only a physical edge but a mental edge as well.



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